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Hyunseo Cho 

Solo Exhibition

2021 <Feed> Pause Gallery

2020 <Pickled Pipers> Punto Blu Gallery

2018 <My My Blue> Little Loung Cafe

Group Exhibition

2022 <Future Fantastic> Art center Nabi

2022 <PACK WEEK> Platform L 

2020 Page Myungdong <Gori>

2020 B39 Media Art showcase PRECTXE 

2020 Gyeonggi Art center <2020 stay connected>

2019 Artist Online platform <collact> design

2019 Artarch Gallery <Shift by YCK> 

2019 COEX Young Creative Korea 

2018 Complex cultural space emu <AZ> Video Art 

Team Project (6-8)

2021 <OLED ART> Sattchi gallery

2021 <Seoulites> Museumhead

Other Project

2021 LG AI LAB <Tilda Project> Art director

2021 KOT <Online Metaverse DMZ Project> Art director

2019 KUAD Fashion show stage film director

2018 Artist network platform <collact> design

2018 AR game ‘Myungdang’ design

2018 Studio Grabit internship

2018 SJ Fashion show stage film&art director

2017 DJ Ditto animation MV <I wanna>  

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