Online exhibition :

We live in an era of choosing your persona and being chosen for the presented self. Thus we define ourselves to the standards of the ideal-social self by collecting aspects of our everyday lives as “someone.”


Like our brains remind only a part of the past, online platform archives the meaningful or supposed-to-be worthy moments we selectively publish. Exaggerations occur at times as we sometimes distort the surrounding environment, the self, or the cognition itself; we also often hide our genuineness to build a facade that suffices certain social positions we desire. 


Hyunseo Cho finds such curated identity of modern people in everyone by putting an analogy to a fictional character ‘Peter Piper.’ Through digital art and installations, she investigates various perspectives that reveal the impact of the virtual identity of online to the person sitting behind the screen.

2020, Solo exhibiton

Gallery Punto Blu

Pickled Pipers